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10 Best Vertical Laptop Stands of 2023



When a laptop is not in use it can take up quite a bit of desk space. This is when a vertical laptop stand comes in handy. A vertical laptop stand allows you to vertical store a laptop in order to maximize desk space. It also allows you to maintain a more spacious and cleaner looking workstation or home office while taking a minimal amount of space.

  1. OMOTON Aluminum

OMOTON Vertical Laptop Stand Holder, Desktop Aluminum Stand for MacBook with Adjustable Dock Size, Fits All MacBook, Surface, Chromebook and Gaming Laptops (Up to 17.3 inches), SilverWhile it might look like it’s very simple, the OMOTON is one of if not the best vertical laptop stands, especially if you’re on a budget. It can fit up to a 17.3” laptop (including some thicker ones) and is very high quality.

To begin with, the entire stand is CNC machined from anodized aluminum alloy. Sure, the aesthetics look right at home with a MacBook, but its design is stunning and universal making it great for almost any laptop.

The width can be adjusted, from 0.55” to 1.64”, using a screwdriver on the screws at the bottom. A potential issue here might be that a thick, large laptop would wobble quite a bit, but there is no such issue – the stand is stiff as a rock. Both at the bottom and inside the groove, you will find a soft, silicone mat. The one inside the groove is to protect your laptop, and the one on the bottom is for the stand not to move around. All things considered, it’s a great option.

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  1. Twelve South Bookarc

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook | Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand for Apple notebooksNot only is Twelve South one of the most popular accessory makers for Apple products, but the Bookarc is probably their best selling product. The Bookarc is a very simple, yet extremely effective way of propping up a MacBook to save some space.

The design looks like it was Apple who made it, not a third party company. It comes in both space grey and silver. Now, a downside is that it is non-adjustable. Instead, it has a fixed width, designed for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. If you don’t have one of these laptops, yours might fit, but it won’t be a snug fit like it would be with a MacBook.

If you do, though, this is a great option. The rubber will make sure there are no scratches on your laptop, and you get a cable catch design which prevents the cables from slipping on the ground when you disconnect your laptop. The Bookarc is definitely a great stand for MacBooks especially if you’re using externally connected peripherals. If you’ve got a different laptop, we’ve got some other alternatives.

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  1. Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk - Adjustable Desk Laptop Holder for Universal Compatibility - Saves Space & Improves Airflow - Use as MacBook Stand Vertical Dock (Pro/Air) - Weighted FrameIf you’re on a budget, this stand by Macally might be just right for you. It has an interesting, unconventional design, but it looks stunning and is very adjustable. The space gray finish is a crowd favorite, especially if that’s a crowd of MacBook owners, and the entire cradle is 7” wide and 4” long.

One of the key selling points of this stand is its adjustability. You can fit any laptop between 0.63 and 1.19 inches, which gives you quite a lot of options. There are base screws that you need to loosen, then adjust the stand and tighten them back up – simple as that.

The stand is very well made. The black anti-scratch pads will make sure that your laptop is unscathed when used inside the stand, and there are rubber base pads to ensure that the stand won’t move around your desk.

All things considered, this is one of the best options for users on a budget. It covers all the basics – high quality, great design, plenty of adjustability and a price that’s a fraction of the competition. If these things sound like your requirements, you’ve got your winner.

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  1. OMOTON Double

OMOTON [Updated Dock Version] Vertical Laptop Stand, Double Desktop Stand Holder with Adjustable Dock (Up to 17.3 inch), Fits All MacBook/Surface/Samsung/HP/Dell/Chrome Book (Black)A vertical laptop stand can easily clean up quite a lot of desk space. But what if you’ve got two laptops? Well, OMOTON thought of that, and we’ve got their double desktop stand holder. You can fit two laptops inside, with ample room for cooling between them, and both laptop slots are adjustable. There’s the possibility to put anything from 0.55 to 1.65 inches thick, and the stand will remain stiff and sturdy.

Both laptop slots have non-toxic and non-slip silicone mats which grip your laptop and make sure it won’t slip out. They also make sure that you won’t get any scratches on it, either. Speaking of scratches, the stand is made of anodized aluminum alloy and is CNC machined. Not only is it high quality, but it’s also scratch-resistant.

When you take everything into consideration, people who have two laptops and want to stack them next to each other while saving space should definitely consider the OMOTON double stand. It has everything – adjustability, great, high-quality design, and a price that’s not unreasonable. It fits anything up to 17.3” thick, and if you’ve got a MacBook Pro, the colors are a very close match.

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  1. JARLINK Vertical

JARLINK Vertical Laptop Stand, Aluminum Laptop Holder Desktop Stand with Adjustable Dock Size (up to 17.3 inches) Compatible with All MacBook/Surface/Dell/Gaming Laptops (Silver)It’s no secret that many vertical laptop stands borrow their design aesthetics from Apple’s laptop line. The JARLINK is no exception, with a design that’s simple, industrial, and well-thought-out. The seemingly simple stand checks all the boxes for an excellent product, and the asking price is very reasonable.

For starters, the stand can hold a laptop up to 17.3 inches in size. This includes most of today’s laptops, especially more popular options such as the MacBook Pro, or models from ASUS, Lenovo or Dell. The thickness of the laptop isn’t an issue since the screws on the bottom come loose to reveal an adjustable width. You can fit a laptop from 0.55 to 2.55 inches thick inside, which is impressive.

To make sure your laptop doesn’t get scratched up, you have a rubberized surface inside the slot which also gives some extra grip. The stand won’t get scratched up either since it’s made of anodized aluminum that is very durable and scratch-resistant.

If you don’t want to get some of the higher-end stands (that aren’t always better), but still want something which will perform really well with a variety of laptops, the JARLINK is an excellent option.

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  1. Bestand Vertical Laptop Stand

Bestand Vertical Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Holder Compatible with MacBook Air/Pro/iPad/Microsoft Surface/Dell/HP/Samsung Dock (Size Up to 17.3 inches)While most of the stands are only made to hold a laptop, the Bestand vertical stand takes a different approach. It’s a versatile stand that allows you to fit in a host of laptops, and also add a few more things, too.

To begin with, you can fit a laptop with a thickness from 11 to 26 millimeters, which covers most modern laptops. There’s a screw that lets you adjust thickness, and it’s very smooth and works great. The design aesthetic is obviously made to fit a MacBook, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t look good with another laptop. To add to that, aside from the laptop slot, there is another slot that lets you store other items, such as remotes, a tablet, or a smartphone. Both slots are lined with anti-wear silicone, so your laptop doesn’t get scratched up.

At the bottom of the stand is another silicone section, which ensures the stand stays in place where it is intended. You will also appreciate that there are vents made to dissipate heat. Also, the slot itself doesn’t cover too much of the laptop, so cooling shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a great stand, all things considered.

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  1. VOGEK Vertical

Most of the stands that are adjustable often have some kind of screw, or screws, that let them have a wider or narrower slot. VOGEK have decided to go for a different approach, but nevertheless, it works wonders. This is a very budget-oriented stand that looks right at home with just about any laptop, especially something from Apple’s lineup.

The construction has no moving parts, so it’s really solid. The rubber pads on the bottom keep it where you put it, which is great. Now, we mention “adjustable” and “no moving parts”, but there is no mistake here. VOGEK have opted to give you four different rubber inserts for the stand slot. You can fit laptops from 0.59 to 0.94 inches by choosing to slip in the correct rubber insert. This is done in a matter of seconds and provides an excellent snug fit for just about any laptop. You can’t however, use it with laptops that are too thick.

You’ll also be saving quite a bit, without compromising on build quality or functionality.

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  1. Satechi Universal

Satechi Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand - Compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga, Asus Zenbook, Samsung Notebook and More (Space Gray)Satechi is a very well known players in the laptop and smartphone accessories game. They pride in delivering high-quality products that both function and look very, very good, but come at fairly reasonable prices. Their universal vertical laptop stand is no exception, offering a lot of versatility and a great design.

While the design is actually similar to some other stands, the fact that your laptop is slightly elevated makes it very appealing. There is a screw on one side which lets you make the stand wider or narrower, and it fits laptops from half an inch to 1 ¼ inch in width. If you opt to use it with a wider laptop, the stand “opens up” in the middle, allowing for some extra cooling.

The color feels right at home with a MacBook Pro, but the stand actually looks really great regardless of what laptop you put inside. The anodized aluminum is really stunning, and the anti-slip silicone lining will make sure your laptop doesn’t get scratched up any time you put it inside. There’s a bit of silicone lining at the bottom as well, and the stand won’t slip all-around your desk either. A really great option for just about anyone.

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  1. iQunix Vertical stand

Vertical Laptop Stand for MacBook Pro/Air, Desktop Space-Saving,Laptop Holder (for New MacBook Pro with USB-C)Some of the main laptop stands have their highlight feature be the adjustability, which lets you fit a variety of laptops. However, iQunix has chosen to go a different route, instead of making their vertical stand compatible with Apple’s new MacBook Pro and Air. This means that the stand won’t do the job for many users, but if you’ve got a MacBook Pro or Air, this should certainly pique your interest.

To begin with, this is one of the cheapest stands we’ve seen. However, this is in no way apparent in the construction or functionality, as the stand is really great. The design is very simple and similar to some other popular stands. The slot in the middle of the stand will fit a MacBook just right, and you have a non-toxic silicone lining to make sure it doesn’t get scratched up. That same silicone is also located on the bottom, so the stand (and your laptop) doesn’t move around your desk.

The aluminum construction and rubberized protection make this one of the top vertical laptop stands for MacBook owners. Add to that the cheap asking price, and you’ve got yourself a truly great stand.

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  1. Seenda Adjustable

Vertical Laptop Stand - Seenda Adjustable Laptop Stand, Vertical Stand plus Adjustable Height Stand for Typing 2 in 1, Compatible with All MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro,Dell XPS Laptops-SilverWhile most stands are just that – stands, this one by Seenda aims to be a 2-in-1. It works great as a stand, but you’ll also find that it is great for propping up your laptop when you want to type on it, putting it in a much more ergonomic position.

When used as a stand, the large section comes behind the laptop. The screw at the bottom will allow you to adjust the stand for the laptop’s thickness, from 0.47 to 1.02 inches, which is pretty versatile. The inside is lined up with anti-slip silicone, so you can rest assured your laptop won’t get scratched up.

The other option is to use it as an “elevator” for the rear section of your laptop. This will prop up the keyboard and put it in a much more ergonomic typing position, so your hands don’t get fatigued during long typing sessions. Remember the thickness adjusting screw? Well in this position, you’ll use it to adjust the height as per your liking.

If you want a stand that also lets you use your laptop in a much more comfortable manner when you don’t need the stand itself, nothing beats the Seenda.

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