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10 Best Wireless Mice for Fortnite



Fortnite is extremely popular and many gamers find a competitive advantage in using quality peripherals when playing. Some of those gamers also hate cables and would prefer a great wireless mouse over a wired one any day. But with so many options, it can be difficult to find the best one. Therefore, in this article we have reviewed the top 10 wireless mice for Fortnite.

These wireless gaming mice are from reputable manufacturers and have great specs. They come in various shapes and price points, so it’s up to you to choose which one works for you.

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Wireless Mice for Fortnite: Reviews

  1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hero 25K Sensor, PowerPlay Compatible, Tunable Weights and Lightsync RGB - BlackBoth the G502 Proteus Spectrum and the G502 Hero were some of Logitech’s best selling wired gaming mice in the past few years. However, that’s about to change with the introduction of their wireless brother – the G502 Lightspeed. Only introduced a few days ago, it’s an excellent contender.

It makes use of Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology with a 1ms response time, as well as the Powerplay charging system that lets you charge the mouse with a compatible mouse pad. The 16,000 DPI Hero sensor makes an appearance here as well, and considering how good it is, we aren’t complaining.

On the outside, you get the recognizable G502 design, as well as 11 buttons you can customize, the hyper-fast scroll wheel, and an RGB logo you can adjust with Lightsync. There are also six removable weights that you can use to fine-tune the weight and balance of the mouse, thus impacting the overall feel in the hand.

Aside from being truly excellent for gaming, it’s also plastic neutral certified – for every kilogram of plastic used in producing these mice, Logitech helps fund plastic recycling programs. A great gaming mouse that’s also environmentally friendly? What more could you look for?

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  1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance, BlackLogitech’s G series of products are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to gaming peripherals, and their mice are no exception. A great example is their G Pro wireless gaming mouse, a mouse that has no cable, and no latency, something that was thought to be impossible.

The Lightspeed Wireless system delivers a rock-solid 1ms report rate connection. Paired with the Hero 16K sensor that can reach up to 16,000 DPI, and put inside a truly lightweight design, you’ve got an excellent mouse on your hands. And yes, weight matters when you’re looking for the a wireless mouse – how else are you going to do those quick flick sniper shots from a distance?

The G Pro comes with its own wireless receiver, and it’s compatible with Logitech’s Powerplay charging mousepad. If you have one, it charges your mouse as it sits on top, so you don’t have to recharge it. There’s also the four removable side buttons and ambidextrous design which make this a very customizable mouse. Oh, and there’s also the Lightsync compatible light-up logo to add some RGB to your setup.

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  1. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse - Rapid Charging Battery - 12, 000 Cpi Truemove3+ Dual Optical Sensor - Low 0.5 Lift-Off Distance - 256 Weight Configurations - 8 Zone RGB LightingSteelSeries have quite a lot of experience with designing peripherals, and their Quantum Wireless technology is what makes the Rival 650 a great options. It has a futuristic design, RGB lights and excellent performance, and then some.

To begin with, inside the Rival 650 is SteelSeries’ TrueMove3+ 1-to-1 sensor which goes up to 12,000 CPI and is made for esports titles. That same sensor also has the world’s lowest lift-off distance at 0.5mm, and you can customize it up to 2mm as well.

Battery life is great – it can last for over 24 hours of continuous use, and 15 minutes of charging gives you a bit over 10 hours of use. You could use it as a wired mouse, but you won’t need to. The 32-bit processor inside allows you to save your settings on the mouse so you can configure it quickly at LAN events.

The mouse also has weights on the sides that let you tune things and get 256 different combinations with the eight weights. The 8-zone RGB lights with Prism lighting make sure the mouse looks great, too.

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  1. Razer Mamba Wireless

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB Lighting - 7 Programmable Buttons - Mechanical Switches - Up to 50 Hr Battery LifeEven though some consider them overpriced, Razer’s peripherals are often at the top of the game, especially when it comes to innovation. Their Mamba Wireless gaming mouse has one of the most ergonomic designs, loved by many, and the wireless performance is excellent.

Inside the Mamba is a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, and you can adjust sensitivity on the fly via dedicated, reprogrammable DPI buttons. Razer’s sensors have always been excellent, and the Mamba’s is no exception.

The Mamba has 7 programmable buttons and customizable Chroma RGB lights. If you install the Razer Synapse software, which honestly, isn’t a fan favorite, you can set whatever functions you want to the buttons, and choose from 16.8 million colors for the logo and scroll wheel. Speaking of the scroll wheel, the ridged, rubberized wheel is really great and your finger won’t slip off of it.

Battery life is great – if you disable the lighting, you can get up to 50 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The lighting does consume quite a bit of battery, though, and it adds to the aesthetics of the mouse, so chances are you’ll be charging it a bit more often.

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  1. Logitech G703 Lightspeed

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility, BlackIf you’re on a tighter budget and would rather save some money, the G703 from Logitech is great choice. It relies on Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology for latency-free gaming, and it does deliver on its promises.

The body weighs 107 grams and it’s made for right-handed users – from the buttons to the design itself. The buttons have metal springs that keep them ready to click, which makes clicking easier, faster and more consistent.

The sensor is a PixArt PMW3366, which is an excellent sensor that goes from 200 to 12,000 DPI and has no acceleration, filtering and smoothing across the entire range. You can set it up just how you like it, and it won’t do anything unpredictable.

You’ll find that the G703 is Powerplay compatible – if you have a Powerplay mouse pad, the mouse will charge itself while you’re using it. Battery life is great as well, which is something you’ll undoubtedly appreciate. You can also use it while its charging without a Powerplay mouse pad – just plug in the USB cable and you’re good to go. All things considered, an excellent gaming mouse.

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  1. Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB - FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse - 18,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Sub-1 ms SLIPSTREAM Wireless, BlackCorsair may not have that much experience in the peripherals game, especially compared to the big names such as Logitech or Razer, but their products are actually excellent performers. A good example is the Ironclaw wireless mouse, a right-handed mouse that promises excellent wireless performance.

It comes with three connection modes: Slipstream, which has sub-1ms response times, Bluetooth for low latency, or wired via USB. The Slipstream mode is what you’ll want to use for Fortnite, though. Keep the Bluetooth mode for when you want to save a bit of battery.

In terms of gaming performance, inside the Ironclaw is a PixArt PMW3391 sensor, which goes up to 18,000 DPI and can be adjusted in steps of 1 DPI. It’s a very accurate sensor with great tracking, making it a crowd favorite when it comes to eSports titles such as Fortnite.

The Ironclaw does have ten buttons that you can customize as you wish, and you can even add macros to them. The Omron switches have been rated for over 50 million clicks, so this is a truly durable mouse. Last but not least, there’s a three-zone RGB light that you can control from the CUE software.

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  1. Corsair Dark Core RGB

Corsair Dark Core - RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse - 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Comfortable & Ergonomic - Play Wired or WirelessCorsair’s arguably best selling gaming mouse is their Dark Core RGB mouse. It’s priced as a midrange mouse, but has excellent wireless performance and an excellent sensor, making it a truly great all-around performer.

The wireless technology relies on a 2.4GHz signal and has a response time of 1ms, as well as a 1000Hz report rate. If you’d rather save some battery, you could use it via Bluetooth as well – it’s completely up to you. The sensor inside the Dark Core is a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, and you can adjust it in increments of 1 DPI, which is great.

On the outside, you’ll find a contoured shape, as well as two side grip options that allow you to tailor the fit to your hand and grip style. There are a few extra buttons on the side, too, so you can assign macros and custom commands to them via the CUE software. The software will also allow you to set up the RGB lights on the mouse, too, as well as save your settings on the mouse itself.

The only potential downside is the 24-hour battery life. Even though that might sound like plenty, that’s around three to five days of extended gaming sessions.

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  1. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless - Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse with SLIPSTREAM Technology - 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor, BlackEven though it does come in a wired configuration as well, it’s the wireless version of Corsair’s Harpoon mouse that piqued our interest. With a lightweight body, long battery life and all the essentials covered, it’s a great mouse if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars.

On the outside, you get a contoured shape with rubber grips on the side for a comfortable grip, even if you use it for extended gaming sessions. There are six buttons you can program as you wish, and Omron switches that are rated for over 50 million clicks.

The sensor inside is an optical sensor that goes up to 10,000 DPI and has very accurate tracking. The Harpoon has Corsair’s Slipstream wireless technology that allows hyperfast wireless gaming with a 1ms response time, but you also get Bluetooth connectivity if you’d prefer that.

Battery life can go up to 60 hours without the RGB lights, and you can use the mouse while it’s charging via the USB port, which is a nice addition. Last but not least, you can use the Harpoon to play games on your Xbox One.

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  1. Logitech G602

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Upto 2500 DPIIt’s not just the latest products in Logitech’s lineup that are excellent – the MX518 is a prime example. The G602 is a wireless gaming mouse from the previous generation, but one that has aged gracefully and can be found priced fairly low.

If you don’t mind its age, with the G602 you’ll get up to 250 hours of battery life with AA batteries. These are easy to replace, but they do add quite a bit to the mouse’s weight. The sensor inside is Logitech’s Delta Zero power-saving sensor that tracks really well and works admirably on a variety of surfaces. You can choose between Performance mode and Endurance mode, but for Fortnite, we’d advise sticking with Performance.

On the outside, you’re getting a somewhat futuristic design that’s made for right-handed users. There are 11 buttons that you can program as you wish, and they’re rated for up to 20 million clicks. Like most of Logitech’s G series products, the G602 is made to last.

Unfortunately, the G602 lacks some modern features, such as RGB lighting, and that’s part of the reason why its price is as low as it is. If you don’t mind this, though, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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  1. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

When looking for the best wireless mouse for Fortnite, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good mouse. An example of that is the VicTsing Wireless Gaming mouse which costs less than dinner for two at your favorite restaurant.

The optical sensor inside lets you adjust DPI at any of the five values. This isn’t as good as 1 DPI increments, but for the price, you can’t complain. The wireless side of things is taken care of by a 2.4GHz wireless connection and a USB receiver, and you’ll get little to no lag when gaming.

The buttons are quiet so they don’t distract you, and they’re made to be durable so the mouse lasts for a good while. The LED lights have a breathing effect to them and you can switch them off for some extra battery life.

Now, the VicTsing may not be the most premium feeling mouse in the world. It may not have the best sensor, or best wireless performance either. But if you find yourself limited with your budget, you should definitely take a look.

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