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12 Best Ergonomic Gaming Mice



A lot of people seem to struggle with picking a good mouse. Many fail to realize that it’s actually pretty important to have a good ergonomic gaming mouse to help prevent wrist pain and carpal tunnel during those long gaming sessions. That being said, ergonomic mice are often made for work and not gaming. Therefore, choosing a great ergonomic gaming mouse can be tricky.

We’re here to help, and below we’ve got a list of the best ergonomic gaming mice. These mice have great specs, are ergonomic and comfortable, and are rated highly by the vast majority of their users even for extended gaming sessions. Without wasting any more time, let’s discuss our top picks, and then get into them.

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Our Top Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Picks:

Best Overall: The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless has a very comfortable right-handed shape, and with great performance is our overall best ergonomic gaming mouse.

For Small Hands: Glorious’s Model D is an excellent compact ergonomic mouse, with excellent accuracy, making it our pick for the best mouse for small hands.

For Large Hands: Logitech’s G703 is excellent for users who have a larger hand, and it’s extremely comfortable regardless of your grip type.

On a Budget: The fact that there are newer models than the G602 means you can get it for a great price, making it the best budget ergonomic gaming mouse.

Wireless: The Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed works with both Bluetooth and Hyperspeed, and is not only very accurate but highly comfortable as well.

Ergonomic Gaming Mice: Reviews

  1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hero 25K Sensor, PowerPlay Compatible, Tunable Weights and Lightsync RGB - Black

The G502 Lightspeed is the latest evolution of perhaps Logitech’s most popular gaming mouse at the moment. It does away with the wires, and gains Logitech’s excellent wireless technology that is lag-free, and makes sure the mouse performs just as good as a wired one.

On the outside, you have a right-hand oriented shape that makes for a great ergonomic gaming mouse for wrist pain and carpal tunnel during those long gaming sessions. All the additional buttons are placed carefully, so they’re within reach and you don’t have to strain your arm to get to them. The scroll wheel has Logitech’s Hyperfast technology, so you can have a stepless scroll, something many gamers appreciate.

The sensor is Logtech’s Hero 16K sensor, which has up to 16,000 DPI and is extremely accurate in terms of tracking. DPI adjustability is a breeze, and the responsiveness doesn’t change across the DPI range. While we’re talking about the internals, you’ll also appreciate the adjustable weight system, as well as the compatibility with Logitech’s PowerPlay charging mousepads. It’s overall an excellent ergonomic gaming mouse and by far the best we’ve come across so far.

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  1. SteelSeries Rival 600

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3Plus Dual Optical Sensor - 0.5 Lift-off Distance - Weight System - RGB Lighting,black

Even though SteelSeries were much more dominant in the gaming mouse world a few years ago, they still have some truly great mice. The Rival 600 is their idea of an ergonomic gaming mouse, with a right-handed shape and excellent comfort, even during extended gaming sessions.

On the outside, it’s made of a couple of “panels”, between which you get RGB lights. There’s also the RGB logo at the back, which does let you customize the looks of your mouse. There are side buttons on the left-hand side, which you can customize.

SteelSeries’ TrueMove3+ sensor makes an appearance to ensure you get accurate tracking and a customizable lift-off distance. You can go from 0.5mm to 2mm, which is something we have yet to see with other mice. Overall, you get very accurate tracking and excellent mechanical switches that are rated at 60 million clicks.

It’s also priced pretty competitively, so if you’re after a customizable ergonomic gaming mouse and don’t want to spend a ton of money on one, the Rival 600 could be a great choice.

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  1. Glorious Model D

Glorious PC Gaming Race is a brand that aims to get you excellent products with a well-thought-out feature set, at a reasonable price. They do succeed at this with the Model D, which is their newest mouse option. It’s a great pick for people looking for a gaming mouse for small hands, with its right-hand oriented shape, and it’s priced really well.

Even though the shape does remind of Razer’s DeathAdder, Glorious has done a great job of improving the ergonomics and making the entire shell very lightweight. You have a honeycomb structure which does reduce weight quite a bit but doesn’t impact comfort. If you have small hands, you’ll easily be able to manage it.

Performance is admirable, thanks to PixArt’s 3360 sensor, which is one of the most popular sensors among e-Sports players. It tracks very accurately, and you can set the DPI anywhere up to 12,000 DPI. The buttons are rated at 20 million clicks, so this is a pretty durable mouse, too. Overall, we wouldn’t mind suggesting it to anyone who looks for a comfortable mouse that’s also very lightweight, performs great and doesn’t cost a fortune.

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  1. ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick Programmable Laser Gaming Mice,6+1 Design,11 Buttons,1000 Hz Max Polling Rate,10000 Max DPI,Upgraded Version for Computer Gamers,Black

A pretty popular way of making a mouse more ergonomic seems to be to change the entire orientation of your mouse. That way, you get a “vertical” mouse, which is what we have on our list today, made by ZLOT. It’s an ergonomic design that aims to keep your arm in a more natural shape and give you more support for your forearm.

Overall, we’ve found it to be a very comfortable mouse, made for right-handed users who demand a shape that won’t cause wrist pain during extended gaming sessions. It is a significant change from a conventional mouse, but for many, it’ll be for the better. The programmable buttons are an excellent addition, and you also get a joystick for your thumb that you can use in a variety of scenarios.

Since this is a pretty budget-oriented mouse, we aren’t surprised by the PixArt PMW3325 sensor. It might not be as good as some more premium models, but it’s still a very respectable performer and tracks very accurately. If you don’t mind the lack of a “premium” brand, you’ll get an excellent ergonomic gaming mouse.

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  1. Logitech G703 Lightspeed

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse W/Hero 25K Sensor, PowerPlay Compatible, Lightsync RGB, Lightweight 95G+10G Optional, 100-25, 600 DPI, Rubber Side Grips - Black

Logitech is on a pretty great streak with releasing wireless gaming mice in the past few years, especially since they introduced their Lightspeed technology. The G703 is no exception, and if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills ergonomic gaming mouse, it more than fits the bill.

The sensor is Logitech’s Hero 16K sensor, one that has found its way in many Logitech G series mice, especially the more premium ones. It’s customizable and has a maximum of 16,000 DPI. Tracking is excellent, and thanks to the Lightspeed technology, there’s absolutely no latency. We also see Logitech’s PowerPlay technology, which allows you to wirelessly charge the mouse while gaming if you have a PowerPlay compatible mousepad.

Outside, you get a simple shape that’s made to work with a variety of grips and two side buttons on the left side that you can customize. There isn’t a ton of additional functionality with the G703, but if you want a good mouse that’s comfortable for extended gaming sessions, it fits the bill just right.

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  1. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: Bluetooth & Wireless Compatible, 16K DPI Optical Sensor, 6 Programmable Buttons, 450 Hr Battery, Classic Black

With no popular new models, people seemed to have forgotten about Razer, until they released their Basilisk lineup. The Basilisk X Hyperspeed is meant to be the budget wireless model, which still covers all the important stuff of the Ultimate, but does away with some of the things you may not need.

The mouse is a right-handed mouse, and it comes with a pretty comfortable shape. The programmable buttons are placed just right, and you can set them up to do just about anything you want. Oh, and we must not forget the switches that support up to 50 million clicks and are backed by a 2-year warranty.

On the inside is Razer’s 16,000 DPI optical sensor, which is excellent in terms of tracking and accuracy. We also liked the dual wireless mode, with both Bluetooth available, for up to 450 hours of battery, and Hyperspeed for up to 285 hours but a lot less latency.

If you don’t need extra features such as RGB, for example, the Basilisk X Hyperspeed is an excellent ergonomic wireless mouse.

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  1. Corsair Glaive RGB

CORSAIR Glaive - RGB Gaming Mouse - Comfortable & Ergonomic - Interchangeable Grips - 16000 DPI Optical Sensor - Aluminum

Corsair may not have a lot of mice in their lineup, but what they do have are some very well thought out models that perform admirably in a variety of situations. A great example is their Glaive RGB mouse, which comes at an attractive price and with interchangeable grips to add a bit of comfort and make it a bit more ergonomic.

To begin with, the shape is designed for long term use, so you won’t have any issues if you use it for extended gaming sessions. You have three side grip options, thanks to the two additional grips that make the mouse feel a bit different. You can get it right regardless of what type of hand you have, which is great.

On the inside, you’ll get an optical sensor that goes up to 16,000 DPI, which is quite impressive given the budget-friendly price point of the Glaive. The additional buttons are customizable, and you can even assign macros to them if you want to, which is great. You also have RGB which is compatible with CUE, Corsair’s lights software. It’s overall an excellent ergonomic mouse, and one of the most versatile ones out there.

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  1. Logitech G602

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable Buttons, Upto 2500 DPI

When initially introduced, the Logitech G602 was a mouse made for users who wanted as many buttons as possible on an ergonomic shape and therefore commanded a pretty high price. Fast forward to today, with two successors being released, the G602 can be found for pretty cheap prices and is still an excellent buy for things such as MMOs.

So, what do you get with the G602? On the outside, you have an obviously right-hand oriented shape, with all of the side buttons put on the left side. We say “all”, since there’s a total of 11 programmable buttons. You can set all of them to do anything you want, and the cluster is positioned where you can easily reach it.

The sensor inside is Logitech’s high accuracy Delta Zero sensor that goes up to 2,500 DPI. This may not be too high, compared to today’s 12,000 and 16,000 DPI sensors, but let’s be honest, how often do you go that high? It tracks very well on various surfaces, and the wireless functionality comes as a lag-free feature. This is overall the top option for users who need a lot of buttons.

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  1. Razer Basilisk

Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB Lighting - 8 Programmable Buttons - Mechanical Switches - Customizable Scroll Resistance - Classic Black

The Razer Basilisk doesn’t only come as a premium wireless model. If you want this ergonomic mouse but would prefer to save a few bucks, the wired variant is a great pick. It’s made for right-handed users who don’t mind using a wired mouse and has a lot of things going for it.

First is the shape. This is a comfortable shape with eight programmable buttons and a scroll wheel with customizable resistance. Even during long gaming sessions, you won’t need “a touch more comfort”, it’s great as it is.

Then, you have the 16,000 DPI optical sensor, which also has on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment. The buttons go up to 50 million clicks, which makes this a very durable mouse. Add to this Chroma RGB lighting, and you’ve got yourself a great mouse on market, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

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ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Kone Pure Ultra - Light ErgonoMic Gaming Mouse (16000 Dpi Optical Sensor RGB Lighting Ultra Light) Black

Not all of us have large hands, and ROCCAT does understand that. The KONE Aimo gaming mouse is their option in the world of ergonomic gaming mouse catered to right-handed users, and its shape makes it comfortable for all kinds of users.

The design is pretty minimal, with an overall black body and Aimo RGB illumination that lets you customize your lighting and synchronize it if you have other ROCCAT devices. There is a total of four independently configurable light zones, so you can have it set up just the way you like it. There is a tri-button thumb zone, which adds a few extra buttons to your mouse that you can configure.

On the inside, you get a ROCCAT Owl-Eye optical sensor that goes up to 12,000 DPI, which is pretty great. It tracks very well, given that it is basically a modified PixArt 3361 sensor. Precision is great, and you can also customize it if you want to and adjust DPI with the buttons right below the scroll wheel.

Even though there are mice that perform a bit better than the KONE Aimo, there’s definitely an argument to be made in its favor, due to its shape that’s excellent for all kinds of users. Yes, it’s a touch heavy at 130 grams, but it is still very manageable and a pleasure to game with.

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  1. UtechSmart Venus

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired, 16400 DPI High Precision Laser Programmable MMO Computer Gaming Mice [IGN's Recommendation]

Even though many people prefer higher-end brands when it comes to ergonomic gaming mice, UtechSmart have a pretty compelling argument when it comes to their Venus mouse. Not only is it highly comfortable for right-handed users, but it also comes with a host of side buttons and a weight adjusting system.

On the outside, you have a right-handed shape with twelve side buttons. They’re organized in two clusters of six buttons each, so you can hit the right button when you need it, easily. There’s also a DPI adjust button right below the scroll wheel, so you can set things up on the go.

Inside, you have an Avago sensor with a sensitivity range of 200 to 16,400 DPI, and Omron switches to keep the clicks consistent and make sure the mouse is durable. You also have the eight 2.4g weights that you can install inside the mouse to alter the weight.

If you’re on a budget, there’s nothing better than the UtechSmart Venus, especially if you don’t need a high-end brand.

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  1. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB Lighting - Interchangeable Side Plate w/ 2, 7, 12 Button Configurations - Mechanical Switches

The Naga has always been Razer’s go-to ergonomic MMO mouse, and the Trinity is no exception. With three side plate options and a host of various button configurations, it’s a great pick for users who want a lot of buttons and don’t mind paying a bit more.

The panels come with either two, six or twelve buttons, and which one you go for depends on your needs. They’re easily changeable, and all the buttons feel really good. The mouse remains comfortable regardless of the panel you have installed.

Inside is Razer’s 5G 16,000 DPI optical sensor that tracks very well. It’s consistent, and it’s one of the best sensors out there when it comes to accuracy. Overall, if you’re looking for  a mouse that’s also versatile and suits a variety of uses, look no further.

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