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7 Best Standing Desks for Gaming in 2023



As gamers, we spend hours sitting down almost every day playing our favorite games. These long periods of inactivity are however detrimental to our health. To combat the negative effects of inactivity, professional physicians and health practitioners’ advice standing in-between periods inactivity to allow for your blood better circulate. Therefore, we have curated and reviewed the best standing desks for gaming that will not only improve your gaming experience but also help to improve your health.

With a standing desk, you can shift from sitting to standing in between those long gaming sessions to improve blood flow and reduce stress on the muscles of the back, spine, and neck.

Standing desks are also highly adjustable, have customizable height memory settings and cable management options, and are made of high-quality materials making them great for gamers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk for Gaming

Before purchasing a standing desk, you should look out for the following factors:

  • Safety and Easy-of-use:

    Safety and ease of use are the two most important factors when deciding which standing desk to buy. Therefore, you should purchase standing desks from reputable companies with warranties such as the ones reviewed below.

  • Durability and Quality:

    You also have to consider the sturdiness, weight capacity and build quality of the standing desk you intend to purchase. A good quality standing desk will last you years to come.

  • Memory settings (height presets):

    Having a standing desk that can remember your favorite levels of height is quite important. We are all different sizes and shapes; therefore, it is beneficial to be able to save your preferred sitting height when gaming.

  • Visual Design and Aesthetics:

    You must also choose a standing desk that you find visually pleasing. Preferably one that has a sleek design as they tend to take up less space and are more visually appealing.

  • Good Cable Management Options:

    Make sure that the standing desk you choose has at least one cable management hole for a neat and organized work or gaming station. This will also allow for smoother transitions between sitting and standing.

Standing Desks for Gamers: Top Picks

Clueless on which standing desk to get for your gaming needs? Below are some of the more popular standing desks for gaming that you may want to take a closer look at:

  1. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Jarvis Bamboo Standing DeskPopularly touted as the best standing desk for (and on) the planet, the Jarvis standing desk is perfect for users who are environmentally conscious or just want a great standing desk.

One thing you’ll love about this desk is its high load capacity. Capable of holding up to 350 pounds, it can be loaded with just about anything from multiple monitors, speakers, and PC cases.

You can adjust the height of this standing desk easily with its LED programmable handset. With a mere touch of a button, you can adjust the height of the desk. It can be adjusted low enough for a kid to sit or for a 6-footer to stand in front of it while gaming. The handset has buttons for up/down controls and for preset height configurations.

Plus, there are plenty of customization options to choose from. You may opt to have a contoured inset. Or you may have cable management grommets installed on the back left and right corners of the desktop.

Setting up this desk is fairly easy even for people who are not into DIY. There’s an L-shaped wrench and substantial instructions included in the package so assembling the desk should not be much of a problem.

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  1. Evodesk Standing Desk

evodesk gaming standing deskThe Evodesk standing desk is a highly adjustable desk that has an all-black sleek design and numerous features.

It is well-designed for gamers, too, as shown by two key features– first is an ergonomic concave edge that allows users to get closer to the desk’s entire surface area and gives their arms more reach. The other is the EvoGuard coating that gives it a tough, smooth, and stylish finish. The idea is that with this coating, gamers no longer have to use a mouse mat because the coating’s texture alone is enough for your gaming mice tracking capabilities.

There are numerous positive reviews about the EvoGuard coating of the Evodesk standing desk. The consensus is that most mice move smoothly on the desk. However, there are also some questions on how the coating will do when it wears off over time.

Aside from those two features, the Evodesk has the other qualities that you want from a standing desk. It has a simple push-button for adjusting to your desired gaming posture. It can also expand laterally and provide sufficient space for any desktop that is up to 90 inches long.

The Evodesk also features a cable management system that would enable you to organize cables and keep them out of sight. You can snake through the cords through the cable pass-through of the desk. The cords can then be bundled in the cable management tray.

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  1. Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk

Mojo Gamer Pro Standing DeskMojo Gamer Pro is built for hardcore gamers. This desk has a laminate surface and is designed to provide an immersive gaming/workstation. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed as shown by a beveled edge promoting superior wrist and forearm comfort.

The height of this gaming desk can be adjusted from 24 inches to a high of 50.25 inches. It is suitable for gamers standing up to 6’6” tall. It has an LED display that shows the height of the desk. You can also store up to 4 height presets. Aside from that feature, you will also love its safety motion sensor that stops the desk from adjusting its height once it detects that there is a child or pet underneath it.

This gaming desk offers a lot of real estate for desktop PCs and large monitors with its 72-inch wide and 30-inch deep surface. Moreover, the monitor arm and CPU hanger included in the package also helps users to maximize desk space.

This gaming desk is also equipped with Mojo Desk’s patented MagicSnap system designed to hide and organize wires.

The bottom line is that with a standing desk, you should keep yourself healthy and pain-free even if you have been playing games for hours. The aforementioned standing desks can help you achieve better posture and increased focus while providing you with lots of space for your desktop PCs, monitors, and other gaming accessories.

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  1. VARIDESK Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk 60' x 30' (Reclaimed Wood 2019)This is a height-adjustable standing desk that has gotten positive reviews from users. Its height can be adjusted from 25 to 50 inches. It is also spacious enough to accommodate three monitors and strong enough to hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

The Varidesk full-electric desk is easy to assemble. All the tools needed for assembling it are included in the box. It also has steel legs designed to make it easier for users to put the desk in a snap. It is possible to assemble this desk in 15 minutes or less. But since the desk itself is quite hefty at 80-plus pounds, you may need some help flipping it over after assembly.

Like the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk, adjusting the height of the Varidesk Prodesk 60 is a breeze what with its three programmable height settings. You can choose height settings from a low of 25 inches to a high of 50.5 inches. Moreover, adjusting the height is quick as it would only take 1-2 seconds for the desk to be lowered or raised.

This electric desk also has a cable management tray that comes in handy especially when your desktop PC has long cables or ties.

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  1. StandDesk Pro Adjustable Height Standing Desk

StandDesk Bamboo Standing DeskWhat if you are given the chance to build your own standing desk to fit your gaming and working needs? How would you build it?

With the StandDesk Pro, you can do that exactly as you can choose your top material, size, frame color, controller, and more. You can also decide if you want to add other features such as the cable management tray, grommet hole adapter, and power strip, among others.

The StandDesk Pro is also strong and stable enough to hold up to 400 pounds of weight. The height of the desk can be lowered to 23.5 inches and raised up to 49 inches. It is equipped with a fast and powerful motor that enables it to quickly adjust its height without making distracting noise. Aside from the height, the width of the desk is also adjustable.

The StandDesk Pro also comes with other features with gamers in mind such as the cable management tray which can keep those long cables or cord organized and grommet hole adapter to secure cables. There is also a cable management taco mesh which can make dangling cords a thing of the past.

Easy to assemble, stable, and with a nice and elegant finish, the StandDesk Pro is one standing desk you ought to consider if you are in the hunt for a standing desk for gaming.

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  1. ApexDesk Vortex Height Adjustable Desk

ApexDesk Vortex Series Standing DeskThe ApexDesk Vortex is a great option currently on the market. Its height can be adjusted from a low of 27.5 inches to a high of 45.5 inches. Its underframe is made of industrial-grade aluminum and offers superior sturdiness and stability. It comes with a 2-button controller and an anti-collision function, too.

This is a very roomy desk with a 60-inches wide surface. It has enough room to accommodate multiple laptops or desktop PCs as well as monitor, speakers, or other accessories which a gamer like you would typically have.

A key feature of this desk is the addition of a bearing that synchronizes with the desk’s movements, improving stability in the process. Unlike other standing desks, it does not have a crossbar meaning you can even use an exercise bike or treadmill while playing with a game or working on a project on your PC. The anti-collision feature, on the other hand, allows the desk to automatically stop when its movement is obstructed.

The desk also comes with cable management holes that come in handy when organizing and hiding the cables. Assembly should also be a breeze as all the necessary tools are included in the package.

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  1. Uplift Desk L-Shaped Standing Desk

Uplift L-Shaped Laminate Standing DeskThis L-shaped height adjustable standing desk could be the best in its field right now. The height of this desk can be adjusted from 24.5 inches to 50.25 inches. Height adjustment is quick at less than 2 seconds thanks to the advanced digital keypad of the desk. The said keypad also shows the current height of the desk and saves up to four height settings.

Because it is L-shaped, this adjustable standing desk from Uplift gives plenty of space to gamers. You can place a 60-inch LED monitor on one side of the desk and the computer casing on the other side. There should also be enough space for other accessories such as speakers, controllers, and gaming headsets.

This standing desk is made of heavy-duty steel and can hold up to 530 pounds of load. It’s stable enough to support large desktop/PC towers.

Uplift also offers power grommets as an optional feature in this L-shaped height adjustable standing desk. You may also add a keyboard tray which is large enough for a mouse and keyboard to fit in. There is also a basic wire management kit that you can turn to if you want to keep those cords out of sight.

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Negative Effects of Prolonged Sitting

For some sitting down is not just a choice, it is a way of life as a result of our work, hobbies, and lifestyle. We sit when gaming, watching TV, driving, working at the office, when we eat, and so on.

However, sitting too much does not really have any advantages health-wise. Not only does it increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases as a result of constant inactivity, but it also causes other health-related problems such as diabetes. In a study carried out by the World Health Organization, it was seen that physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality among people in the world.

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk for Gaming

To combat the negative effects of inactivity, professional physicians and health practitioners’ advice standing and walking in-between inactivity to let your blood circulate well. This may, however, be difficult for some as doing so regularly will take time away from their gaming or work.

The electric standing desk presents itself as the best solution to this dilemma. It allows you to conveniently alternate between standing and sitting periodically to increase activity and relieve the stress applied on the body from prolonged sitting.

Arguably the most apparent effect of using a standing desk for gaming is its positive impact on the health of gamers. Gamers, after all, spend hours sitting and prolonged sitting has been proven to be bad for the health.

Prolonged sitting can also put significant stress on the muscles of the back, spine, and neck. This is particularly true for gamers who like to slouch. It can affect the body’s ability to metabolize fat and put gamers at risk of obesity.

Standing desks are thus the healthier option for gamers. Periodically standing between gaming sessions can promote better blood circulation, increased energy, better posture, and reduced stress from prolonged sitting.

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