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10 Best Wireless Keyboards for Mac



Whether you’re looking for a replacement Mac keyboard, or just want to know what the best wireless keyboards for Mac are, there are plenty of options out there. But, not all of them are worth it, especially when you factor in that the “Mac compatible” moniker does tend to result in a price premium sometimes, too. To help you choose a great keyboard for your Mac, we’ve got a list of wireless Mac keyboards that are all excellent in their own regard. They’re made from different brands and come at various price points, so it’s up to you to decide which one you want!

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Wireless Mac Keyboards: Top Picks

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard (Wireless, rechargeable)

Apple Magic KeyboardThis one is quite understandable, honestly. The best wireless keyboard for Mac is the one Apple makes themselves. The Magic Keyboard is a long time favorite of Mac users worldwide, and there are plenty of reasons for it. To begin with, it does come in black or white, and you can get it without or with the numerical keypad. Which one you go for depends on how often you use the numpad.

To begin with, there’s a built-in rechargeable battery that does last a good while. You’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled Mac, but if you do have one, the keyboard will pair itself automatically, so you don’t have to go through tedious pairing processes. Or, if you’d rather avoid charging it, you can connect it to your Mac’s USB port instead.

Compared to the previous iteration, the Magic Keyboard sits lower and is, therefore, a bit more comfortable to use. The scissor mechanism buttons also have a decent amount of travel for such a low profile keyboard, and getting used to them is quick and easy.

All things considered, the Magic Keyboard is the one to get.

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  1. Logitech Easy-Switch K811

Logitech Easy‑Switch K811 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard for a Mac, but you’ve also got a few other Apple devices, the Easy-Switch is a great option. The Bluetooth technology allows you to pair it to multiple devices, and there’s a button that allows you to toggle between all of them instantly. If you’re using it to type on your Mac, as well as your iPad, for example, it works admirably.

The keys have quite a bit of travel and are very quiet. The font is easy to read, and the fact that this is a backlit keyboard makes it absolutely usable even in the dark. The illumination will adjust itself depending on the light in the environment. Charging is really easy – just plug in the USB cable, and you can continue using it while it’s charging.

The Easy-Switch is a small, tenkeyless keyboard which means it doesn’t have a numpad. It’s compact and slim, and the aluminum finish is made to match Apple’s design aesthetic. If you don’t use numpads and have more than one Apple device you need a keyboard for, it’s a great choice.

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  1. Anker Ultra Compact

Anker Ultra Compact Slim Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with Rechargeable 6-Month Battery (White)

Anker is a brand that’s well known for their aggressive pricing of products that are usually high quality. Such is the case with their Ultra Compact keyboard, which is one of the budget variants in the battle for the best wireless Mac keyboard. It’s a small, compact keyboard, coming in at a mere 11.3 inches long and 5 inches wide.

What’s interesting about it is the claimed battery life. If you’re using it 2 hours per day, non-stop, you can expect as much as 6 months of battery life. If you use it for work, though, you’re going to be charging it more often, but it still has great battery life. You can charge it via the micro USB cable that’s included, which is nice.

The typing experience is great. Even though this is a compact, low profile keyboard, the matte finish keys do have a good amount of travel. Connectivity is excellent, too, as it will automatically connect to the device you had connected last. Oh, and you can use it with iOS, Android and Windows devices, too, even though the button layout is clearly optimized for Mac.

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  1. Logitech K750

Logitech K750 Wireless Keyboard— Solar Recharging, Mac-Friendly, 2.4GHz Wireless - Silver

If a tenkeyless keyboard simply doesn’t cut it for you, you might want to take a look at Logitech’s excellent K750. It’s a full-size board with all the buttons you may need, plus a Launchpad hotkey that you’re going to use more than you think.

The interesting thing about the K750 is the black strip at the top – it’s a solar charging panel, meaning the keyboard will charge itself as soon as it’s exposed to any kind of light. If you’re using it in a pitch black room, the battery should last for a good three months, which is excellent.

You get Logitech’s concave low profile keycaps, and the buttons do have a good amount of travel. Typing on it is a pleasure, and it’s as quiet as it gets. The keyboard’s design is very thin and looks right at home when used with a Mac.

The downside to the K750 is that it isn’t compatible with Bluetooth. Instead, you get Logitech’s Unifying receiver which does take up a USB port on your Mac. If you can live with this (desktop Mac devices do tend to have quite a few USB ports), there’s nothing bad to say about the keyboard, it’s an excellent choice.

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  1. Macally Wireless Bluetooth

Macally Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac or Windows PC - Compatible Apple Keyboard Rechargeable - Multi-Device Keyboard, Up to 3 Devices with 110 Keys, 20 Shortcuts, and Numeric Keypad - White

Apple’s Wireless Keyboard was a design inspiration for many other keyboards, and the Macally is one of them, with the trademark cylindrical section at the back which elevates the keyboard in a more ergonomic position. Even with that, it’s still an impressive 0.59 inches thick. The white design does remind of Apple’s earlier devices, so the keyboard will look right at home next to a Mac.

The keyboard is a full-size board with 110 keys, which includes 20 shortcut keys to make your experience faster and easier. The scissor switches work great, and they give you quite a bit of travel with little to no noise.

The Macally works via Bluetooth, and you can have it connected to up to 3 devices at the same time, which is great. If you use it for around 3 hours per day, you can expect about 3 months of battery life. It charges pretty easily, though, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Even though this is definitely one of the top options, it’s also compatible with iOS devices, as well as Windows and Android ones. If you’re in need of a full-size keyboard and don’t want to spend too much, it’s a good option.

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  1. Soundance Wireless Keyboard

Apple’s design aesthetic that heavily utilizes the brushed metal look is obviously the source of inspiration for the Soundance Wireless Keyboard, a small and ultraportable keyboard that’s meant to travel with you when necessary. It’s compatible with Mac and iOS, as well as Windows and Android, and works via a 2.4GHz USB dongle. Yes, it does take up a USB slot, unfortunately.

The design, as we mentioned, is sleek and elegant. The edges have been polished to give off a shine, and there are anti-slide rubber feet to make sure the keyboard stays where you want it. Aside from that, it’s really slim and compact and weighs almost nothing.

The buttons have quite a bit of travel, and they’re comfortable to type on. You will also get quite a bit of battery life – four hours of charging can give you three months of daily usage of the board, which is impressive.

This may not be the best-looking keyboard or the one with the most functionality. But at this price, it’s an excellent middle ground between the cheapest boards out there and something truly high end. If that’s where your budget is, this keyboard is for you.

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  1. Macally Metal Frame Bluetooth Wireless

Macally Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Mac - Compatible Apple Keyboard Wireless for iMac Mini/Pro, MacBook Pro/Air, iPad, iPhone - Slim Full Size Metal Frame Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Silver

Many users actually prefer a full-size keyboard over a tenkeyless one, especially if their Mac is a desktop device. The Macally Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is a great option that covers all the basics and works admirably.

To begin with, it works via Bluetooth and is incredibly easy to pair with just about any Apple device. The battery can last for over three months (provided you don’t use it more than 4 hours per day), and it recharges quickly. You could also use it wired, but that’s not the point of a wireless keyboard, is it?

The keys have a good amount of travel, and you’ll find 21 shortcuts for things such as Spotlight or Sleep, to make using your Mac faster and simpler. The aluminum frame does somewhat fit Apple’s design aesthetic, and it’s made to give you a stiff keyboard that’s going to last you a good while.

If you want something that’s easy to use, checks all the boxes for a good wireless keyboard for Mac, and have the budget to afford it, the Macally should definitely make your shortlist.

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  1. Jelly Comb Ultra Compact

Even though chances are you’ll be using your keyboard at home, the Jelly Comb Ultra Compact is one you could throw in the backpack and not feel any added weight. It’s a small, tenkeyless keyboard that’s priced very competitively, yet works great.

Starting things off with the design, it’s obvious the team took some design cues from Apple. There’s the brushed aluminum finish, as well as the cylindrical back section under the keyboard. That’s in no way a bad thing – the keyboard feels right at home with any Mac.

Typing is great. Travel is somewhat short, but it feels accurate and precise, and you can comfortably type fast on the keyboard. There is no numpad, but there are a couple of Apple-specific shortcuts to make using it a bit easier. The backside is silicone and won’t slip so your typing experience will be a bit better.

All things considered, this is supposed to be a competitor to the tenkeyless Apple Magic Keyboard, but it comes in at a fraction of the price. If you want a small keyboard that’s designed for a Mac, and don’t want to pay the “Apple tax”, this should definitely be a consideration.

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  1. Macally Compact Wireless Bluetooth

Macally Small Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Multi Device Wireless Keyboard for Mac Mini / Pro, Macbook Pro / Air, iMac, iPad, iPhone, PC Computer, Laptop - Compatible Apple Keyboard Wireless Compact

Not all of us need a Mac keyboard for an iMac or Mac Pro – some may want it for a portable Apple device such as an iPad or iPad Pro. If this is you, the Macally Compact Wireless Keyboard might be just right for you, especially with the included tablet and smartphone stand. If you work on your iPad, you can just put it in the stand and type away.

The keyboard works via Bluetooth, and you can easily connect it with up to 3 devices at the same time – switching between them is very easy. It does work with Windows and Android devices as well, but the button layout is meant for a Mac.

Typing on it is great. The keycaps are large and well spaced out, so accurate and fast typing isn’t an issue. There’s plenty of travel as well. There’s also the long battery life, but you’ll need 2 AAA batteries for it – no charging via a USB port, which would’ve been nice.

All things considered, this is a great keyboard if you work from a tablet or smartphone. But with the battery situation, we would suggest something else if you use it at home.

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  1. Twelve South MagicBridge

Twelve South MagicBridge | Connects Apple Magic Trackpad 2 to Apple Magic Keyboard Allowing Them to be one Unit for Desk or Lap use - Trackpad and Keyboard not Included

Twelve South is a company that creates accessories and add-ons for Apple devices exclusively. They’re usually fairly expensive, but their quality and design are more than worth the asking price. Their MagicBridge isn’t actually a keyboard. Instead, it’s a “device” that’s meant to clean up your desk if you’re using Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2.

It’s basically a case which allows you to put the Magic Keyboard inside and adds the Magic Trackpad 2 to either the left or the right side and have them both together. This way you have a two-in-one combo that looks much cleaner and organizes your desk.

At the back, you’ll find plenty of cutouts, and they’re placed in a way so you can use the charging ports on both the keyboard and the trackpad, even when they’re inside the polycarbonate case. On the inside, there are silicone pads that ensure your keyboard and trackpad don’t get scratched easily, and there are silicone feet at the bottom so they don’t slide all over your desk.

Even though this isn’t a keyboard, it’s still something you should definitely consider if you’ve got the right devices and want a cleaner desk.

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