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Where to buy Custom Cables for Your Keyboard



A custom keyboard is a great way to add a bit of aesthetic appeal for your setup. You can have your own case color, your keycaps of choice, a backplate that enhances the RGB, as well as a custom keyboard cable to round out the entire setup. When you go for a custom mechanical keyboard cable, you get to choose the material of your detachable keyboard cable, you get to choose the connectors, and you can even get custom coiled keyboard cables that honestly, look stunning.

So, how do you choose a cable? Do you get an aviator keyboard cable, or do you go for custom USB C cable keyboard cable? While this depends on the keyboard you have (and how much you’re willing to invest in a good cable), it’s sourcing such a cable that’s somewhat of an issue. You won’t find custom cables in your run-of-the-mill electronics store, and instead, you’ll need to go to specialists that make them as you order.

To help you choose, we’ve got a list of options below. You’ll find custom keyboard cables UK, as well as US-based options and ones that ship internationally, and they’re all excellent options. Just choose the one that has the best price, materials, design, and connectors you’re looking for.

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Space Cables

Space Cables are pretty new to the scene, being established in 2019, but that doesn’t stop them from making some excellent cables. They offer everything from custom USB cables, to DIY kits and supplies, to cable lines that are pre-made for you to choose from.

When you get a custom cable from them, you can get either a USB, or a LEMO cable, and you can have them with detachable cable ends. This is very handy if you want to switch the cable between multiple keyboards with different connectors, or if you simply don’t want to stress the USB port on the board.

You can have the cables in varying lengths, with or without a coil, and they have both Paracord and PET Techflex sleeving for you to choose from. The combinations give you a pretty much endless list of options, so you can get something that’s just right for you.  

ZAP Cables

ZAP Cables are a crowd favorite, especially for users from the US. They’ve been around for a while, and their variety of choices when you’re making a custom keyboard cable makes them excellent if you’re nitpicky and want to get things just right.

We did mention a variety of choices. They don’t only make custom mechanical keyboard cables but also offer USB Type-B connectors that are often found on scanners and printers. You can choose between micro USB, mini USB, USB Type-A and USB Type-C for your keyboard connector, and you can add coils to your cables.

They also offer double sleeving, with both Techflex Flexo PET, which has a looser weave and reveals more of the cable beneath it, or MDPC-X sleeving, which is tighter. Their excellent return policy and the fact that they check every cable before shipping it, makes them an excellent choice for your next custom cable purchase.


While most of the custom cable builders have their own websites, Mechcables work with a Google Docs form. While some may seem paranoid about ordering this way, Mechcables has long been one of the best custom cable builders on the mechanical keyboard market.

These are some of the most customizable cables on the market today. You can not only choose from a variety of cable end connectors, but you can also opt for an Aviator connector to add multiple cable ends to your cable. They work with 550 Paracord and Jumbo Paracord, and you can also add TechFlex if you want double sleeving.

Their coils come in four sizes, and you can specify how long the coil is and how much cable there is on both ends of it. Oh, and you can even customize the color of the heat shrink that goes on the connectors – pretty neat.


Winnja is Texas-based, but they do offer international shipping so you can order from them wherever you are. It’s a family-owned business that makes not only mechanical keyboard cables but also audio cables and keyboard accessories.

While they do offer what you’re used to – custom lengths and connectors, coils and custom heat shrink colors, they also have another thing that many custom cable makers won’t give you – themed cables. They’re made to work great with specific keycap sets, so if you’ve got, for example, SA Troubled Minds as your keycap set, you can get their Troubled Minds cable that’s the exact same color combo.

They also offer Paracord and MDPC-X sleeving, as well as USB-C cables and ones with an Aviator connector. You’ll also find stainless steel sleeved USB cables, which look great no matter the color combination of your keyboard.

Dream Cables

Dream Cables are one of the most versatile cable makers out there. While they’re a great place to get custom cables for your keyboard, you can also get mouse paracords as well. They’ve got quite a lot of options and you can pick and choose whatever you want.

From micro USB and USB-C cables to detachable cables with aviator connectors, they can do pretty much anything. When it comes to custom cables, you can choose the length, paracord color, double-sleeving with TechFlex, and even the heatshrink color. Add to that custom connectors on both ends (or an aviator connector), as well as the choice to add a coil, and you can get pretty much anything you need.

To add to their versatility, they’ve got a massive array of colors for you to choose from, from single colors to multicolor paracords that can result in some pretty wild designs.


If you’ve been around mechanical keyboards for a while, you definitely know of KPRepublic. They’re a Chinese brand that offers just about anything that has to do with keyboards, from components and custom builds, to custom cables.

While they don’t have too many choices when it comes to custom sleeving, their prices are extremely reasonable. If you don’t have any nitpicky specifics, you can easily get a very budget-friendly detachable keyboard cable that won’t break the bank. They do offer nylon sleeved cables, as well as coiled cables in mini, micro, and USB Type-C variants, so you’ll definitely find something for you.

The only downside with KPRepublic is that you can’t choose things such as custom connectors and custom lengths, as you’re pretty much limited to what they have in their store at the moment when you’re buying. If you’re fine with this and can find something that fits your setup, you’re going to save a few bucks by opting for their cables.

Pexon PCs

Pexon PCs is one of the best custom cables choices for users from the UK. While they do have shipping outside of the UK, their pricing makes them not the best choice for that kind of shopping. If you’re in the UK, though, they’ve got a variety of cables.

From themed USB cables for keycap sets to two-tone themed cables, if you’ve got a keycap set and aren’t sure what kind of cable to get, chances are they’ve got you covered. They also offer custom cables with MDPC-X sleeving and your choice of connectors.

Among other things, they have LEMO and Aviator detachable cables and connectors, as well as split cables and cables for Topre’s Realforce series of keyboards. You’ll also find other brand-specific models, such as Filco’s connectors, and you can always build your own. Regardless of what you’re looking for, if you’re in the UK, they should be one of your top 3 choices.

WASD Keyboards

While arguably their most popular product is their custom keycap maker, which lets you upload your own keycap design and order it, WASD Keyboards also have an excellent custom cable option. You can choose between a micro USB, mini USB, USB Type-C, and even a Lightning USB cable, which covers all mechanical keyboards.

If you decide to get one, you can choose your length, sleeving color, add an optional double sleeving, and choose your heat shrink color. The sleeving is Paracord 550, which is a very popular and quality variant, and the outer sleeve is Flexo PET, which has just the right weave to show off the Paracord sleeving below. 

For those of you who find themselves with a lack of ideas, they’ve got a gallery of cables that might serve as an inspiration for your own custom cable. What’s great is that they have a 2-5 business days processing time, whereas some of the smaller businesses might take up to a month to make your cable.

CoolCables UK

While there are many cable builders that have expanded into a larger business, CoolCables is a one-man-band based in the UK. His cables are actually great and are all hand-made, which makes them pretty unique. There is the option for international shipping, but the prices could be a bit higher than you’d expect. It’s tracked shipping though, so you’ll know where your cable is at any given time.

As far as color options go, you have a truly massive range of 550 Paracord colors to choose from, from single-color options to mixed colors and the “Special Range”. You can also go for double sleeving with Flexo PET external sleeving, in a variety of colors. The heat shrink’s color can also be customized, which is pretty nice.

Last but not least, you can customize pretty much anything – from the sleeving itself to coils and coil lengths, to connectors and custom requests. A great custom cables choice for just about anyone.

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