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KLIM Optics VS Gunnar: Which One Is Better




If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you will benefit greatly from wearing blue light blocking glasses while you work, play video games, or during any other computer-related tasks. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can cause serious and extremely uncomfortable side effects. Here are just a few things you might feel after spending the day on your laptop or computer:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Eye fatigue
  • Eyestrain
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Retina damage
  • Other eye disorders

Have you experienced one or more of the above symptoms recently? You might have disregarded them and pursued that it was due to other stresses in life, but in fact, blue light exposure is usually the main culprit.

Blue light is emitted from the following devices:

  • LED lights
  • Flat-screen LED televisions
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Computer monitors
  • Mobile phone screens
  • Tablet screens

KLIM Optics VS Gunnar Comparison Table


1. KLIM Optics
  • Protect your eyes
  • Prevent headaches and eye fatigue
  • Stylish design
  • Uni-sex
  • Suitable for work and entertainment
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2. Gunnar Gaming Glasses GUNNAR - Premium Gaming and Computer Glasses - Blocks 65% Blue Light - Vayper, Onyx, Amber Tint
  • FDA approved
  • Protect eye health
  • Prevent physical symptoms caused by blue light exposure
  • Lightweight frame
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Blue light is impossible to avoid, especially if you are working from home or in an office with one or more of the above devices surrounding you at any given time. You don’t have to bite your lip and live with the side effects simply. Many companies have developed top of the range of blue light blocking glasses that protect your eyes during exposure to the devices listed above.

In this article, we are going to review the two blue light blocking glasses on the market. We have picked apart their features, benefits, pros, and cons in order to compare the two and choose a winner. We hope you find the information in this post useful!

KLIM Optics

Professionals and gamers use KLIM Optics blue light blocking glasses all over the world. Below is an overview of its features, along with an explanation of what these features mean to you.

1. Blocks 92% of Blue Light
These glasses block a whopping 92% of blue light, which is far higher than the industry standard. The industry standard for yellow lensed blue light blocking glasses is up to 75%, so these glasses exceed the standard by 17%.

2. The Glasses Weigh 0.7 oz
There is nothing worse than wearing heavy glasses all day. Heavy glasses that press on your nose can cause indentations on your sinuses that may be painful, and over time, they can even change the shape of your nose. You won’t have any of these issues wearing the KLIM Optics glasses as they weigh a minuscule 0.7 oz.

3. UV Protection
The glasses are tinted yellow and will give you a low level of eye relief when you are in mild sunlight. The glasses’ color is comfortable and clear, and the glasses also have a UV protection level, which is an added bonus.

4. TR90 Frame
TR90 is an extremely robust and durable material that doesn’t bend, break, or rust easily. These glasses can handle some knocking around while staying lightweight and comfortable.

5. Anti Fatigue and Anti Headache
Eye fatigue, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and migraines are some of the most uncomfortable side effects of blue light exposure. Having 92% protection from blue light means that all of these symptoms are softened or could even disappear for good if you wear the KLIM Optics glasses every time you are exposed to blue light.

6. Suitable for Work and Entertainment
With their sleek yet sophisticated appearance, they are professional looking enough for work. They are rather discreet due to their half-framed design, so they even look appropriate if you are wearing them while gaming with friends.

7. Stylish and Uni-Sex
Both men and women can wear the KLIM Optics blue light blocking glasses. They have a unisex design that suits every face shape and look.

8. Protect Your Eye Health
This is probably the most important feature. Taking care of your eye health is a priority for everyone, but something that people that are exposed to, like blue light, on a regular basis should be extra cautious. These glasses help you take care of your retinal health and could be the difference between needing glasses in the near future or not.


  • Protect your eyes
  • Prevent headaches and eye fatigue
  • Stylish design
  • Uni-sex
  • Suitable for work and entertainment


  • Yellow tinted lens
  • Tight-fitting frame

Gunnar Gaming Glasses

  • 100% UV Protection
    You won’t need to switch your glasses when you take a break from gaming or work to go and sit in your garden for a coffee. These glasses have 100% UV protection, which gives them added eye protection.
  • 65% Blue Light Protection
    Your eyes will be protected from 65% of the blue light emitted from your electronic device and a fluorescent screen. Because of this, any physical symptoms you might feel due to blue light exposure will be drastically reduced.
  • Anti-Reflection
    Reflection from your computer screen can cause eye damage in the same way as blue light, and these Gunnar gaming glasses protect whoever is wearing them from glare and eye strain.
  • Reduce Eye Strain and Dryness
    Due to the features listed above, eye strain, eye dryness, difficulty sleeping, and other physical symptoms are reduced as a result of wearing these glasses. Physical symptoms caused by prolonged blue light exposure can really take its toll on the quality of your life, so this is the best benefit of wearing these glasses.
  • Metal Frame
    The Gunnar glasses are fitted with a lightweight metal frame that is comfortable and fits your face and head perfectly. The metal is durable and won’t deteriorate at a fast rate like some other glasses on the market, making them great value for money!
  • Improves Sleep and Reduces Headaches
    Many people are unaware of the effect blue light has on the quality of your sleep. Not having televisions in the bedroom, not looking at your mobile phone for an hour or so before bedtime, and generally avoiding blue light in the hours leading to bedtime help reduce these symptoms. It isn’t always possible to do the above things, especially if you work long hours or work from home. That is why blue light blocking glasses are highly recommended.


  • FDA approved
  • Protect eye health
  • Prevent physical symptoms caused by blue light exposure
  • Lightweight frame


  • Only blocks 65% of blue light
  • They aren’t tinted brightly
  • Feature3

Winner – KLIM Optics glasses

The winner of this blue light blocking glasses face-off has got to be the KLIM Optics glasses.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to protect your eyes and look after your general eye health, both the KLIM Optics and the Gunnar blue light blocking glasses are a great choice. We picked the KLIM Optics as our winner because they protect their wearer from 92% of blue light emission, compared to just 65% by the Gunnar glasses. Both glasses have many other added benefits that make them a great choice for anyone that needs a versatile pair of blue light blocking glasses; however, the KLIM Optics has the edge.

Are There Any Benefits of Blue Light Exposure?

Just like there are many negatives to blue light exposure, there are also some benefits. Here is how being exposed to blue light can benefit you:

Improves Alertness
You probably feel full of adrenaline and ‘in the zone’ when you play your favorite video game or work, and that might be true; however, blue light exposure will help you feel alert and awake and add to your adrenaline rush.

Elevates Mood
Blue light actually elevates your mood. You may disagree with this fact and feel like it does the opposite, but it is the other side effects such as eye fatigue, migraines, headaches, and insomnia that are dulling your shine, not the blue light itself.

Helps With Memory
Studies have found that blue light can improve your memory and cognitive functions.

Helps Your Body Clock
This might sound like a strange benefit; exposure to blue light actually helps your body fight fatigue and reminds it that you are meant to be awake during the day. This only works if you are exposed to blue light in the morning or afternoon, as blue light exposure will keep you up at night if you are exposed to it in the evenings.

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Buying Guide

Using a buying guide will help you make a more informed buying decision. When it comes to eye care, you must choose the right products for your specific needs; however, there are some general features that everyone would benefit from. Read our buying guide to find out more.

UV Protection
Purchasing a pair of glasses with UV protection will ensure your eyes are protected while indoors and outdoors. It isn’t always going to be sunny enough for sunglasses, but that is not to say that the UV rays outside aren’t strong enough to cause some serious eye damage.

Purchasing blue light blocking glasses that have adequate UV protection means that you can wear them for more than just when you are working or gaming. High-quality glasses will have UV protection greater than 75%, so make sure the glasses you are purchasing meet these standards.

Blue Light Protection Percentage
Blue light blocking glasses should vary in their protection percentage. You will come across glasses that have a blocking percentage of anywhere from 45% to 95%. We recommend purchasing glasses with a protection percentage of 65% and above for the best protection.

If your glasses have a low percentage of blue light blocking capabilities, you won’t be shielded well and may still suffer from the side effects associated with blue light exposure. Those of you who don’t spend much time exposed to blue light may be able to get away with purchasing glasses with a 45% blocking percentage, but the majority of people need much more.

Glasses should be lightweight with adequate padding for your nose. Wearing glasses that do not fit properly or that do not have the right nose shape for you could be very uncomfortable and may cause headaches.

Glasses are like face furniture, they are a necessity, but they have to be aesthetically pleasing to you. Shop around for a design that suits your unique style so that you get as much use out of the glasses as possible.

Metal frames are more durable than plastic frames; metal frames are great for people that are going to be wearing the glasses on a daily basis. You can purchase very lightweight metal-framed glasses these days that are super durable and robust. Make sure you look for a frame that is rustproof and scratch-resistant.

Of course, the price has a big role to play in which glasses you choose. Luckily for us, the high competition has reduced the average cost of blue light blocking glasses quite a lot with all of the market choices.

Everyone has their own price limit and ideal budget for glasses, but just ensure you think about what you are willing to pay for the glasses before you begin your search to make it easier to stick to. The brand and where the glasses are manufactured are big players in determining the price of your glasses. If branding is not important to you, you can save a lot of money, opting for a non-designer glasses brand over a designer brand.

We hope you found the information in this article helpful. Please let us know about your experiences with blue light exposure and the glasses you chose to protect you! We would love to know what you use to protect your eyes from blue light and what you think about the products we have discussed. Thank you for your time!

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