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Apex Legends Weapons Guide: The Best Guns to Use



After extensively playing Apex Legends since its release, it has become quite clear that while there are numerous good weapons, there are a select few that are extremely powerful to the point where one might say they are OP (Over Powered).

However, it can be quite difficult for newer Apex Legends players to choose the best weapons with so many options to pick from. Therefore, we have created a guide which consists of the best and most powerful weapons from each weapon category in Apex legends. Whether you prefer a close range, mid-range, or long-range playing style, these weapons will give you a competitive advantage over your opponent.

Note: We have not included legendary weapons such as the Mastiff shotgun and Kraber .50-Cal sniper as they are extremely difficult to come across. However, these legendary weapons are extremely powerful and should be used when the opportunity arises.

Sub Machine Gun in Apex legends: R-99

R-99 SMG Apex LegendsBy far one of the best weapons in Apex legends is the R-99 and a lot of people who play the game have yet to realize this. The combination of its pinpoint accuracy and extremely high rate of fire makes the R-99 a laser beam at close to mid-range encounters. It is also surprisingly decent at longer ranges.

With this weapon, you can easily melt away an enemy’s shield and down them within a few seconds. If you manage to find an extended mag for this weapon, you can just stack up on light ammo and consistently win in Apex legends without a secondary.

Moreover, this R-99 only does 12 damage to the body and 18 to the head, but with its ridiculously high fire rate and quick reload time its low damage isn’t really a factor if you can hit your shots.  We find that this weapon is the perfect counter or replacement for shotguns at close ranges.

Pistol in Apex Legends: Wingman

Wingman Pistol Apex LegendsThe Wingman is the best pistol in Apex Legends. While it does require that you have good aim, this heavy ammo weapon is a beast if you can hit your shots. The only true con of this weapon is that you only have six shots but the can be remedied with an extended mag. It can do 45 damage to the body and 90 to the head making it an extremely powerful gun in close to mid-range encounters.

Shotgun in Apex Legends: Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper Shotgun Apex LegendsThe Peacekeeper is currently the best shotgun in Apex Legends, though some players might prefer the more forgiving rate of fire of the EVA-8 Auto. If you can hit your shots with the Peacekeeper, you can easily take down an enemy within two to four shots making this one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

With the Peacekeeper, you can do up to 110 damage to the body and an amazing 165 damage to the head. A good tactic with this weapon is the break you enemies shield with your primary weapon and without having to reload, quickly switch over to the Peacekeeper to slide in for the finishing blow.

Assault Rifle in Apex Legends: R-301 Carbine

R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle Apex LegendsThe R-301 Carbine is the best assault rifle in Apex Legends mainly due to its laser beam like accuracy and high rate of fire. This weapon is essentially a longer-range R-99 with a slightly less rate of fire and higher damage. It does 14 damage to the body and 28 to the head. And if you can get your hand on a stock and stabilizer, the recoil of this weapon becomes almost non-existent making it extremely deadly at mid-range encounters.

Light Machine Gun in Apex Legends: M600 Spitfire

M600 Spitfire LMG Apex LegendsThe Spitfire is the best light machine gun in Apex legends over the Devotion for two main reasons. The first being that the Spitfire is a heavy ammo weapon, therefore its ammo type is far more common than the energy ammo of the Devotion. The second reason is that the Devotion needs to be fully spooled when firing before you can start laying down some effective damage on your enemy unless you’re lucky enough to find its gold turbo changer attachment. The Spitfire does 20 damage to the body and 40 to the head and becomes a beast of a weapon if you can equip it with a stock and barrel stabilizer.

Snipper Rifle in Apex Legends: Longbow

Longbow DMR Apex LegendsThe Longbow is a very powerful DMR that utilizes heavy ammo. It does 55 damage to the body and a whopping 110 damage to the head. Therefore, if you can hit a headshot with this weapon your chances of downing that enemy becomes extremely high.

The con of this weapon is that you only have 5 shots. Never the less, the Longbow is arguably the best long-range weapon in the game. If you like to stay back and play the supporting role during combat, this weapon is perfect for you.

Final Take

It is important to state that the effectiveness of these weapons can vary depending on your playing style. How you like to play should greatly affect which of these weapons you decide to use. However, we recommend that you give each one a try at some point as you may be pleasantly surprised by a weapon you previously thought was not right for you. Lastly, we recommend that you check out our reviews of the recommended mouse, keyboard, and headset for Apex Legends. We have also created an Apex Legends mouse DPI and sensitivity guide that is helpful if you wish to improve your aim.

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