Monday, October 2, 2023

What Does Code Freeze Mean?



Software engineering terms are unnecessarily hard to understand, and worse yet, technicians talk to us regular folk in their techy language. Instead of asking what each word means, we often nod and smile, then go home and Google everything we can remember. 

Understanding software engineering jargon is always useful, especially if you are not a tech wiz. Here are some more terms broken down for you; 

Code Freeze

‘Code Freeze’ is one of the many technical phrases used when spoken about computers. Once a code is frozen, it means that the code developers will no longer be making changes to the code. 

The purpose of a code freeze is so that a stable code can be tested. This is usually done in preparation for a launch, however not exclusively. The code can be changed, but it is only ever changed during irreparable malfunctions. 


A ‘scrum’ is just another word for meeting. During ‘scrums’, the attendees will talk about their work, what has been completed, what still needs work, that sort of stuff. What an aggressive word for such a simple event, hey!

Pigs and Chickens 

‘Chickens’ are like clients, they impact how a product is developed. The ‘pigs’ are the people creating the software, ‘pigs’ are the big bosses that decide how quickly the product will be completed and how exactly it will be executed. 


Short for Media Access Control. MAC’s control data transmission to and from charred channels and interface cards. So, if you have a problem with your MAC, you can be sure it is going to disrupt your workflow. 

Universal Serial Bus

You may understand the phrase better if I refer to it as a ‘USB’. A USB stick holds and transfers data from one device to another without having to download it directly onto the device. 

Post Office Protocol 3

This is a protocol for the most standard version of receiving emails. Emails are sent to you and saved in your server until you see them and decide what to do with the email. 

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network is encrypted and secured with access granted only to authorized personnel. Only the sender the the receiver can see the contents of the encrypted message or software. 

Although not all of these phrases would be used in front of you, the client, it’s never a bad idea to know what they mean. Let’s face it, if someone is talking about ‘code freeze in front of you, it is only rational that you presume they are talking about food and not computers. 

If you wanted more information about freezing food when you heard the term ‘code freeze’, and not about computer slang check out Simply Healthy Family for more of the information you were hoping to find here! 

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