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Where to get Custom Cables for Your Mouse



We have noticed many people on platforms such as Google and Reddit searching for where to find the best custom mouse cables. Therefore, where have researched and created a list of companies that offer both custom and pre-built cables for your mouse. From multi-colored options to custom paracord cables for less drag and resistance the custom mouse cables offered by these companies are sure to make your computing/gaming experience even better.

Dream Cables

Dream Cables are not just one of the best custom mouse cables makers out there. They’ve got a host of different types of cables. From ones for mice, which you’ll love, to some custom options for keyboards and other USB devices.

First things first, they have paracord options for a variety of models. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even go the custom route and choose not just the paracord and length, but also add a gold-plated USB-A connector, and choose the heatshrink color for both the Type-A and the mouse.

What’s also great is that aside from USB Type-A, they also offer custom cables that terminate with a USB Type-C port. This is excellent for users who don’t have too many Type-A ports available, or for those who have one of Apple’s new laptops, that only have USB Type-C.

To add to this, they also have Hyperglide mouse feet, as well as detachable USB cables with an Aviator connector, something that’s pretty popular if you constantly switch out between a few devices and don’t want to damage their USB ports. In any case, you can get some of the best custom mouse cables from Dream Cables, and at a very reasonable price.

ParaCableMods UK

ParaCableMods is one of those cable makers that have just about any color Paracord you can think of. From basic, one-color cables, to crazy multi-color designs that can fit your setup just right, they’ve got it all. And they’ll make you one of the lightest cables out there, you’ll feel like you’re playing on a wireless mouse.

With no less than 67 (currently) designs available, ParaCableMods allow you to choose which mouse you’re getting a cable for, and then choose the length, as well as whether you want a black or transparent USB Type-A heatshrink. While there’s no custom length option, they do offer three sizes, one of which should work fine with your needs.

The cables they make are very flexible and have no plastic coating or shielding to help with that. They’re both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible, which makes them pretty versatile, and come with quality wiring and connectors, too.

If you’re in the UK, ParaCableMods may very well be the best option for you. They’re also fairly wallet-friendly, so you won’t spend more on a mouse paracord cable UK than you actually did on your mouse.

ParaFlex Cables

ParaFlex is another pretty great custom mouse cable manufacturer. They have a great selection of Paracord colors, from their extremely popular Black Widow and Venom to their single-color Bubblegum. If you want to add a dash of color to your mouse cable and get a lighter cable that won’t give you any issues while gaming, they’re a great choice.

When you order a cable from them, you’re getting a very lightweight, extremely flexible cable that’s handmade. There is no plastic shielding, and no inner cable shield, which means nothing to cause difficulties in movement. The packaging is also with no kinks whatsoever, so it looks nice when you unpack it, and you don’t have to straighten it out. The length is a standard 2.2m, and the entire cable has three pieces of heat shrink for a bit of stress relief.

The connector on the end is custom made to fit your mouse, and the entire cable is USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible. What’s great about ParaFlex is that their cables are pretty cheap compared to the competition. However, they’re incompatible with some popular mice, such as the SteelSeries Rival 600 and Rival 310, which might be an issue.

Spektrum Designs

Spektrum Designs is one of the best custom mouse cables manufacturers when it comes to the sheer choice of options they offer. They’ve got a massive variety of options, both single-color, and multi-color Paracord cables, and they also work with custom designs. You’ll need to hit them up with an email, but they sometimes do custom things such as customer-specific cable length, as well as non-JST connectors or custom paracord colors that they don’t have in stock.

When you get a cable from them you’re getting a 7-foot long Paracord 550 Type III cord. The cord itself is built with four 30 AWG wires, so it won’t give out anytime soon. It’s also extremely lightweight and won’t cause any resistance while you’re gaming. The plug at the end is USB Type-A, and you can choose between a black or a clear plug. Spektrum Designs also have a pretty long list of supported mice, so chances are you’ll be able to order from them regardless of your specific model.

If you want the best paracord mouse cable in a specific color that you can’t find elsewhere, Spektrum Designs is your best bet, as they not only have one of the best selections of mice, but they also do custom work.

Custom Cables by CeeSA

While CeeSA doesn’t have his own website, he works with an easy-to-understand order form. He has quite a reputation on the OCN forums, and his cables are praised quite a bit. You can also expect a good selection of Paracord colors, and he’s one of the few custom cable makers that actually give you a discount if you order more than a single cable.

The cables he makes are 2.2m in length, although he does have a large 3m option, too. He uses Paracord 550 Type III, and the inside is four inner cables, no shielding, no plastic coating. This helps quite a bit with flexibility. There are three pieces of heatshrink for a bit of stress relief, and he’s got some pre-made color options for some popular mice. You can also choose between a black or transparent USB connector, and you can contact him for any Paracord options that he doesn’t stock.

While some may be skeptical due to the way you order cables from CeeSA, he’s actually a pleasure to work with, and he’s got some of the best custom mouse cables out there.

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